upravlenie-na-skladoveIt may looks like warehouse management is a secondary type of activity, which is not directly connected with the sales. That’s why many owners or managers underestimate it and focus their attention to other directions as retail stores. The company logistics are of a great importance for the whole business and the successful sales depend vastly on the warehouses. Warehouse activities should happen smoothly and in timely fashion, without causing order delays or scrapping. We will step on our experience to find and fix all the problems in your warehouse and to provide you warehouse optimization. Don’t let your warehouse stopping your sales growth!

Here are some of the areas we can help you:

  • Organizing warehouse activities for receiving, storing and shipping the goods, following company standards and procedures;
  • Order deliveries – transport and communication with customers, ERP administration of the orders, payments, etc.
  • Shortcut and speed up all of the warehouse activities;
  • Permanent monitoring for KPIs and improvement if needed;
  • Permanent monitoring of the expenses, P&L balance, individual budgets for every store;
  • Expense optimization;
  • Defining the optimal staff number of each warehouse and the proper working hours, establishing a bonus scheme depending on the results (team and individual);
  • Introduction of new company rules or standards and dealing with objections like “no way”;
  • Negotiations and relations with the landlords;
  • Facility management of the buildings;
  • Inventories and checks;
  • Dead stock clearings;
  • Opening of new warehouses;
  • Staff recruitment;
  • Company procedures.

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