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Having more than one retail stores faces you with multiple challenges – staff management, standard company procedures, control and monitor of every store, supply and delivery management, promotions, etc.

The main goal of the owner is high profit and sufficient margin from every store. We will share with you our experience in store management to make them all profitable!

Some of the areas we can help you:

  • Permanent monitoring for designated key performance indicators (KPI) of all stores and improvement for the underperforming ones;
  • Permanent monitoring of cost expansions, P&L balance and establishment of delegated budgets for every store;
  • Cost optimization and cost saving plan without limiting the store potential;
  • Time scheduled inspections according a company approved checklist for the general condition of the stores, customer service, cleaning, procedures, etc.;
  • Owners satisfaction about the general performance of the stores;
  • Maintaining business relations with the landlords and negotiating the rents;
  • Facility management of the stores, from small daily repairs to major construction works and rearrangements, including architectural plans and governmental permissions;
  • Legalization of entertainment and commercial elements, including architectural plans and governmental permissions;
  • Video monitoring and controlling customer service, labor discipline, following company rules and standards, as well as thefts;
  • Management of the after sales procedures – customer support, telemarketing, returning, customer claims, etc.;
  • Full support in cooperation with all governmental and local institutions;

Opening new retail stores

– we’ll support you in choosing a city, location and type of the premises, we’ll help you negotiate the rent and other contract conditions. We will organize and monitor any kind of construction works or repairs, video surveillance, security devices, internet, branding and everything else you need.

Hiring process

– we’ll help you hire the best employees available in every city. We are able of conducting interviews, new employees training, customer service and sales coaching, etc. Defining optimal number of personnel, staff clothing, opening hours of the store, staff management, motivation activities and career development – we can do it.

Sales training

– we will conduct sales training and will focus group’s attention at the practical issues. We will provide specific methods and use cases from our sales experience. Scheduled company seminars and motivational events are proven to have a major impact for the company’s strength and development. Let’s make the sales a hobby for your employees!

Target and bonus establishment

– together we’ll discuss options for targeting and bonus schemes for every store and individuals. We’ll offer you a formula for the personnel salaries according individual targets for every category – sales persons, warehouse workers, delivery staff, call-center, etc. Together we will explain and clarify all the formulas to the personnel.

Standard company’s procedures

– together we will establish standard procedures to make sales easier and faster, thus increasing the revenue. Sales rules and procedures, safety and security aspects in retail stores, inventory checks for excellent financial and stock discipline, as well as minimizing sale stock, countermeasures for internal pilferages and losses – these and many more activities we will organize for you.

Promotion campaigns

– customers have already used to receive everything on a lower price or promoted, but every price reduction has to follow the legislation rules. Together we’ll discuss all factors that have influence on your sales – seasons, competition, stock availability, stores, logistics’ condition, marketing strategy. We will advise you how to announce the most profitable promotion!

Customer protection law

– every retail store has to obey the Customer protection law rules. We will help you avoid violations while still hitting great sales. We’ll advise you in every aspect of the law – providing information to the customers, label rules, promotion announcements, contracts between seller and customer, orders denies or returns, customer claims, etc. Transform the boring after-sales activities into your added value instrument! Your customers will appreciate it!

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