All activities, different from sales and connected with the order deliveries, could be defined as company logistics. A smooth flow of all aspects in your logistics is a key factor for a greater number of orders. Together, we will discuss any issues, regarding the customer orders. We will get familiar with every aspect of order deliveries and will monitor the full trip of the orders until they reache the customer’s home/office. We will use our extensive experience to find the weak points and to offer you reliable solutions. Initial order administration, communication with customers, deliveries procedures, delivery personnel behavior, inventories, claims, etc. We can help you! Logistics must support your sales!

How we can help you:

  • Establish and tracking of KPIs for an easy monitoring of the performance;
  • Usage and monitoring of company’s transport vehicles;
  • Implementation of new company rules and procedures;
  • Personnel recruitment and bonus schemes;
  • Defining weak points and implementation of working solutions;
  • Orders administration;
  • Customer claims and after-sales activities;
  • Inventories;
  • Cost-saving plans.

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