firmena strukturaYour company is growing well, sales are up and customers are happy. You are hiring more staff, establishing new stores, developing your production facilities, increasing the orders to your suppliers. You’re happy of your company’s growth, but actually you are focused mainly on the sales and volumes. On a given stage you discover that despite the efforts of all your staff something just doesn’t work properly. It appears that everyone is fully dedicated to the common goal, but the communication between the departments is weak or even missing. In the end of the month every department has reached some goals, but the company doesn’t meet the overall target. Some departments even claim the need of more personnel, because they are overworked.

This is a standard example of a company in a growth.

Together we will reorganize your company, we’ll create clear and understandable structure, and we’ll establish easy-going procedures, which in general will help departments to improve their communication.

In the end, you will have a higher company’s effectiveness.

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