You are involved in sales and/or production and you are eager to increase your revenue. Your goals are new markets and more customers. Why not even new countries? You have the capacity to do it, but something is still missing. We will offer you high level business consultancy for your business development. Our consultant services combine a wide range of activities – product leveling and wrapping, warehouse activities, transport and deliveries, store branding, staff brand clothing, online and offline sales, customer service and sales trainings, after-sales activities and contact centers, claims policy, business development and expansion in foreign countries, etc. In the area of online sales we are able to provide you information about making your website customer friendly, shorten the needed time to make an order and increasing the number of overall orders. Together, we’ll make the company’s procedures easy and useful, which will allow you to make higher turnover with the same efforts and resources.

The main goal of our business consultancy is to empower you to reach a noticeable firm growth! Moreover, we’ll help you in international expansion in Romania and Greece, which will extend your offerings to new set of tens of millions of customers.

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