Maximize your online sales

Together we will increase your online sales through brand awareness and making your website customer friendly.

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Successful management of retail stores

We will help you increase your sales – we’ll coach and motivate your staff, and we’ll rearrange the procedures for a maximum profit.

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You've got plenty of orders, but struggle to fulfill all of them

Your business is going well. You’ve got a bunch of orders, customers like your products, but something is missing and you are unable to fulfill all of the orders.

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You’ve got a successful business and look for new markets and trade opportunities. Bulgaria and Romania are friendly and welcoming for investors and business development. Advantages are more than enough – EU members, similar rules and laws, increasing purchasing power of the population, common border, about 30 mln customers in both countries, increasing online shopping, etc. There are some disadvantages as well – competition, high customer expectations, lack of personnel in some areas.


You’ve got a successful business, customers like your products, but you feel that you can do more. Expand into new markets! Together we will find for you the best marketing channels and instruments, we’ll make an annual marketing strategy combined with all factors of your company – seasonality, trade and buyer department skills, promotions, products on stock, warehouse, logistics, etc. We will synchronize the marketing activities with all departments of your company.


Your company is growing well, sales are up and customers are happy. You are hiring more staff, establishing new stores, developing your production facilities, increasing the orders to your suppliers. You’re happy of your company’s growth, but actually you are focused mainly on the sales and volumes. On a given stage you discover that despite the efforts of all your staff something just doesn’t work properly. It appears that everyone is fully dedicated to the common goal, but the communication between the departments is weak or even missing.


You have reached a good company’s growth and you need more staff. Some of the positions have two or even more employees already. Commonly, here is the need of a manager or a supervisor. Usually, owners choose the most experienced person without assessment of his/hers managerial qualifications and even without asking the person if she/he agrees. It’s a classic situation when an experienced employee doesn’t meet the new requirements.

Together We Grow Your Business


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Z prime Consulting is a consultant company, specialized in business and management consultancy. We offer unique consultant services for a sustainable development of your business – company structure, establishment of company rules and procedures, assistance in hiring process, retail stores management, opening new retail stores, creation and implementation of bonus and target systems, staff motivation, sales training, new manager coaching, management of warehouses, logistics and delivery activities, cost optimization, online sales and marketing planning.

Together, we will improve your company’s procedures to reach smoothly higher revenue.

Dimitar Zhelev upravitel ZprimeDimitar Zhelev, CEO at Z prime Consulting with 20 years of people and processes management experience. Former Commercial Director for 6 years at Furniture Videnov – the most dynamic developing furniture company in Bulgaria. Mr. Zhelev has extensive hands-on ground experience at C level managerial positions in major Bulgarian organizations with a direct management of 300+ people and annual turnover of 70+ M BGN, which allows us to provide you proven working solutions.

More about Dimitar Zhelev you can find in his LinkedIn profile.

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